Erin Whitman
Cornfield, SharpsburgSunken Road, AntietamTwin Trees, GettysburgLittle Bighorn BattlefieldWounded Knee, Pine Ridge Reservation, South DakotaD-09 Launch Facility, South Dakota
By creating drawn dioramas based on my photographs of battlefield sites, I explore the way that our shared experience of the past also creates current political divisions. Although the drawings appear whole from a distance, they separate into fragmented layers under close inspection. Their theatrical staging implies the uneasy relationship between truth and fiction. Painstakingly cut with a razor and reassembled in a shallow three-dimensional space, these works examine the way we construct our understanding of the past. Through their fragmentation, they also become elegies for the loss that accumulates through history, for the dark and unknowable foundation on which we still stand.