Erin Whitman
MobiusIdiocracyLife After PeopleThe RoadDawn of the DeadLa JetéeThe Twilight Zone: Time Enough At LastLogan's RunBeneath the Planet of the ApesGojira
Somewhere between kitsch and horror, post-apocalyptic images have become all too familiar. They feed our collective imagination, and are fueled by it. Since the turn of the millennia, the apocalypse genre has become a dominant force in modern entertainment. Yet throughout its history, the apocalypse genre has recorded changing attitudes toward war, technology, and disease, and in a larger sense, our uneasiness about the future of our species on this planet. They mirror history, albeit through the screen’s dark glass.

By reconstructing images of iconic fictional dystopias, I investigate our cultural fascination with self destruction. Begun from direct observation of a paused frame on my television, I complete each drawing from memory. The drawings respond to our collective anxiety and also explore my own response to fetishized violence and decay.