Erin Whitman
EntryVoidStairwayCorner, dissolveCorner, brokenWalled enclosureEdgesCompressed bridgeWaveShadowsPanoramic cornerBent wallBent groundCollapsing floorSecret windowEntranceSecret windowCloud edgeIvyApproaching winterPanoramic cornerThrough the mirrorCloud edgeStitched cloudsStitched clouds, doublingCloud edge, detailSpiralHeavy skyMultiplying spaceMultiplied space, paradoxMultiplied space, puppetsMultiplied space, fragmentingStretched puppetsExpanding voidExpanding void, approachCorner within cornerCorner within corner, detailFive skiesEleven skiesVertigoVertigo, fallingPierced skyPierced sky, spirals
As my work became more self-consciously theatrical, its architecture became more literal. I moved beyond the canvas to create a stage set, a physical manifestation of psychological space. Through layers of illusion, where trompe l'oeil trickery seemed more convincing than the artificial real, and the gates that promised entrance were only sheets of mirrored glass, I confronted the uneasy relationship between fantasy and reality.